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1700 "Jagdlappen" - Hunting Banner

Depicting a Turbaned Ottoman

Country Of Origin



Dated 1700


41 x 66 cms (16¼ x 26 ins)


Linen, ink




Losses, splits, the design bleeds through to the other side in areas

This unusual item is known as a “Jagdlappen”, literally a “hunting cloth” and dozens of them were attached to a long rope and used as a lightweight and mobile barrier to fleeing animals when hunting in the forests

In the late 17th century and early 18th century the German and Ottoman empires were locked in conflict and engaged in a series of bloody battles, the most famous being the Siege of Vienna. This close contact with the Turks, along with the bounty of war and trade brought about an awareness of things Turkish to the German world and many Ottoman objects became fashionable at the German courts. Furthermore Ottoman imagery and symbols like the Turk’s head, crescent moon and the like were used to decorate many items of the period.


This example which depicts block-printed images on both sides is dated 1700 and bears the remains of the initials “J.R.C.D.H.L.” indicating that it belonged to Johann Reinhard Comte de Hanau-Lichtenberg.


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